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If you prefer not to self cater, give Durban Boat Hire all the details of the function & we will arrange the catering, drinks, etc. for you so all you need to do is get your group together and show up!

All Platters serve 10 people

The Jol Platter - R680
Quiches, meat balletjies, spring rolls, sausage rolls, chicken strips, chicken wings, samoosas, cheese grillers and a sweet chilli dip.

Chicken & Rib Platter - R850
BBQ and Peri Peri drumsticks en ribbetjies.

Crudite Platter- R590
Mix of carrots, cucumbers, celery, olives, stuffed bell peppers, pineapple, cheese & tomato skewers with a creamy cheese dip.

Meat-free Munchies Plattes- R570
Quiches, potato balls, samoosas, veggie spring rolls, jalapeno rissoles, cheese puffs & a sweet chilli dip.

Itsy Bitsy Delights Platter - R650
Potato balls, sausage rolletjies, chicken bites, ribbetjies, cheese puffs, cocktail cheesy viennas & pizza squares with tomato sauce.

Sticky Wings & Strips Platter - R670
BBQ & Sweet & Sticky wings with crispy Chikka Chicken Strips

Chicken Platter - R670
Chicken wings & bites with kebabs & pies, few samoosas, spring rolls & a sweet chilli dip.

Cool Platter - R770
Assorted cold meats, stuffed bell peppers & other tasty bites.

Sandwiches - R400
Bite sized sandwiches filled with a variety of fillings.

Rolletjie Platter - R400
Fresh cocktails bread rolls filled with a variety of fillings.

Cheesy Platter - R670
Selection of Blue & Gouda, Camembert, Cheddar, Sliced white cheese & more accompanied by a variety of biscuits.

Fruity Kebab Platter - R470
Fruity Frenzy with seasonal fruit kebabs & yoghurt to dip.